Fractional Real Assets

Tokenize, fractionalize and collateralize real world assets. Unlock liquidity, generate loans and diversify your portfolio like never before.

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Real Assets

Tokenize, fractionalize and collateralize real world assets. Unlock liquidity, generate loans and diversify your portfolio like never before.

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What makes Devision different?

Devision is a Cardano-based DeFi app that makes non-custodial fractional ownership of real assets practical and accessible.

  1. Tokenize real assets into an NFT
  2. Fractionalize into fungible tokens
  3. Collateralize loans and bid on assets
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Core Features

Tokenize, fractionalize, trade, unlock utility, generate loans, earn yield on your liquidity


Transform illiquid assets into tokens and enjoy lending, collateralization, and liquid trading pools.


Take advantage of instant trading with our locked liquidity pools. No more waiting around.

Build a Portfolio

Access assets that were previously untouchable. Build a truly diverse portfolio with ease.

Make Assets Liquid

Transforming illiquid assets into fractional tokens unlocks the freedom to keep YOUR value in the assets YOU believe in, without the fear of getting stuck holding.

Locked Liquidity

Instant trading, live spot prices, affordable tokens,
transparent valuations, and yield for liquidity providers.

Smart Contracts

Customizable contracts define how a fractionalized asset behaves and the utility afforded to token holders.

Blockchain Backbone

Certifiable asset authenticity, non-custodial token ownership, and on-chain voting. Smart contracts ensure that the Devision experience is transparent and secure from start to finish.

Protocol Design

Devision Protocol

Authenticated assets are digitized with an NFT
Digital assets are locked in a smart contract
tokens are minted for owner
Tokens can be sold via a fair auction
Tokens can be traded on secondary market
Tokens can be put up as collateral for a loan
By providing liquidity, you earn a yield
At a known predefined time and/or price point, the underlying asset go up for auction. Auction proceeds are redeemed by token holders.

Our Team

George Humphreys


Veteran Cardano community member with an engineering background, most passionate about decentralized governance and its applications. He enjoys the virality of ideas, beliefs and technologies.

Dominic Algernon Wallis


Mathematician by training with a PhD in 7D geometry, full stack dev by trade with experience as an ML & NLP engineer. He enjoys novel software projects, especially those that bridge the digital-physical worlds.





Q1 - Origins

  • Found Devision
  • Join Station F Founder's Program
  • Raise pre-seed round

Q2 - Due Diligence

  • Obtain protocol and token legal assurances
  • Define technical specifications
  • Finalize fractional token structure

Q3 - POC

  • Complete smart contract proof of concept
  • Website update
  • Secure $10MM in NFT assets for Launch

Q4 - Target Market

  • Complete dapp frontend
  • Employ MLabs Technicals to expand technical team
  • Identify real assets that would benefit from fractionalization


Q1 - Tech Upgrade

  • Transition to a more supported backend language
  • Survive crypto crash
  • Secure real world art for Launch

Q2 - Final Check

  • Dapp beta testing
  • Assist with community defi projects
  • Approve first asset for fractionalization
  • Enable fiat payments
  • Countdown to launch

Q3 - Launch 🚀

  • Devision goes live
  • Assess initial offerings
  • Onboard new assets
  • Finalize partnerships
  • Unlock lending function
  • VISION Token

Q4 - Expansion

  • Fractional ETFs
  • Onboard new assets
  • Incorporate IP / licensing utility
  • Release additional tools
  • Partner with auction house


Decentralization and more

  • Establish Devision Foundation
  • Devision DAO voting infrastructure
  • Devision DAO launch
  • Devision Treasury goes live